Jonathan Levy, MD joined the Holy Cross Orthopedic Institute in 2006 with a subspecialty interest in shoulder and elbow disorders, and has been Chief of Orthopedics since 2010.   With expertise in arthroscopic and complex shoulder and elbow reconstruction, he utilizes state-of-the art surgical techniques and the latest technologies to treat the entire spectrum of shoulder and elbow injuries and problems. Each year, he performs close to 300 shoulder replacements, over 150 arthroscopic rotator cuff surgeries, and has become the regions leading tertiary referral center for complex shoulder and elbow problems. As a regional leader in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery, he became a member of the prestigious American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons.

Dr. Levy attended Northwestern University for both undergraduate studies and medical school, as part of the accelerated 7-year medical program — the Honors Program in Medical Education.  As an undergraduate, he graduated cum laude with honors, and in medical school, was invited into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha honor society.

Dr. Levy completed his residency training at Jackson Memorial Hospital — University of Miami.  After residency he completed a shoulder and elbow fellowship with Mark Frankle in Tampa, and was a visiting clinician with the Mayo Clinic elbow service in Rochester, Minnesota.

With a concentrated emphasis on academics, Dr. Levy has authored over 60 peer reviewed publications on various topics in shoulder and elbow disorders, including the reverse shoulder replacement, total shoulder replacement, total elbow replacement, upper extremity fractures, shoulder and elbow instability, and management of shoulder fractures in the elderly.  He has experience as a national and international speaker on shoulder and elbow disorders, and has been on the cutting-edge of development and surgeon training of the newest shoulder replacement devices.  He receives royalties and consultant fees for his work with DJO Orthopedics, Globus Medical and Innomed. He is the Medical Director of the Holy Cross Orthopedic Research Institute and the Director of the ASES Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship.


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Watch Dr. Levy perform a 
Reverse Shoulder Replacement

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Holy Cross Orthopedic Research Institute launched November 2010

Dr. Levy’s performs one of the First Nano Stemless Shoulder Replacement in the USA
Watch Dr. Levy perform a 
Reverse Shoulder Replacement using the MatchPoint System

filmed @ Holy Cross Hosptial